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Helping Paws Sanctuary


    In many American families pets are an important part of the household.  In homes where there is domestic violence, pets are frequently threatened, injured and even killed by the violent partner.  According to several current surveys, nearly half of the women entering shelters for protection from domestic violence report that their pet had been threatened, hurt or killed by their partner.  Others report that they delayed leaving their homes with an abusive or violent partner because they were afraid that their pet would be injured when they left.


   Both you and your pet may be in danger if your partner has threatened to harm your pet.  We urge you to MAKE PLANS to PROTECT all members of your family -- YOU, YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR PETS.

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  This site was developed by Helping Paws Sanctuary to increase the public's awareness of the connection between animal cruelty and human violence and to increase awareness that there is a way to protect pets from becoming victims of domestic violence.



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