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Helping Paws Sanctuary
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Collaborators and Volunteers

CARES (Companion Animal Rescue Education Services)
Charter Cable Company 
City of Alamogordo 
COPE (Center of Protective Environments)
New Mexico State Police
Otero County Sheriff Department
91.7  KUPR;  Bob Flotte
92.7  KRSY; Ginny
103.7  KNMZ
United Way                                                
Zia Therapy Center                                  
First National Bank of Alamogordo, New Mexico;
Bucksworth Newspaper of Alamogordo, New Mexico
Kathleen Avina; MS. Grant Drafter
Margaret Catlin; Research and Web Designer

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lost and found,lost pet

  This site was developed by Helping Paws Sanctuary to increase the public's awareness of the connection between animal cruelty and human violence and to increase awareness that there is a way to protect pets from becoming victims of domestic violence.



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Petroglyphs; Domestic Violence and Pets; Getting Involved